The Cafe of Dangerous Ideas is a group designed to give Christians and non-Christians alike the opportunity to discuss how faith (or morality) impact on the decisions we make about various issues in the world today. Each month, a knowledgeable and interesting guest speaker is invited to give a short presentation and lead a discussion.

Previously, meetings were held in the Sycamore Tree Café, but the Cafe of Dangerous Ideas is trialling an online version in July, with guest speaker Keith Banks.

Keith worked as an undercover police officer in Queensland in the 70’s and 80’s and has a fascinating story to tell. (You may be interested in an interview with Keith on Channel 10 and an article from The Age by crime writer John Silvester.)

A discussion with Keith will be recorded and posted online – and we are asking for questions to be submitted via the Café of Dangerous Ideas Facebook page that we can ask Keith during our interview.

We will let you know when the interview has been uploaded for you to watch – but, in the meantime, please send in your questions.