Theology Hub

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, weekly tutorial classes are conducted online via Zoom.

The Banyule Network Theology Hub is offering 2 units in 2020: –

Semester 1 2020 Unit

24 February – 29 May 2020

CT1000-CT8000 Christianity’s Big ideas

From the outset Christian faith provoked new and controversial ideas.

In a world of competing and contested ideas this subject explores what it might mean for the central truth-claims of Christianity to nurture a theological vision that (like a work of art) engages the imagination, intellect and heart, serving the faith community in witness to the world.

Semester 2 2020 Unit

27 July – 30 October 2020

DM 1000-8000 Developing a Mission Theology for Today

In this unit, you will be introduced to the field of mission studies.

It will be divided into three main sections: the biblical foundations of mission; the ground and practice of mission through Christian history; key themes shaping the theology and practice of mission today.

How to Enrol

Students enrol as an Online Student – and then let the Registrar of Pilgrim College, Erlinda Loverseed, know that you are part of the Pilgrim Hub:

You can enrol as an ‘audit’ student – for no academic credit – at a much lower fee- or complete subjects towards a diploma or degree. Fees are on the Pilgrim Website.

Scholarships may be available for full fee-paying UCA members, and there is the possibility of FEE-HELP.

Have a look at the online Course Guide for additional information.

When Do We Study?

We meet for a tutorial from 6.30 – 7.30pm on Thursday evenings.

Our usual practice is to take turns bringing a shared meal.

The tutorial is followed by the SPACE Community Contemplative Worship at 8pm.

Theology Hub Coordinator – Rev Sandy Brodine