Theology Hub

Semester 1 2024

The Theology Hub has re-commenced at the Sycamore Tree Café on Tuesday nights, when a small group of us get together to participate with a wider group in studying a unit through Pilgrim College.

This semester we are studying the Early Church and we usually eat together, then hear a lecture and participate in a tutorial. We offer both the opportunity to audit (participate without academic credit – so no essays or assignments) or for academic credit if you’d like to participate in further study.

The unit is explained as exploring “the world of the Early Church through the study of faith practices, evolving beliefs, and compelling characters with diverse lived experience.

We will read text, art and artefact from the period 100-600 CE, and consider how and why interpretation of these sources has changed over time. Using contemporary historical methods, we will explore the ancient past with a particular focus on matters of body and soul, human and divine, especially as they manifest in community, conflict, gender, authority, sacrament, suffering, incarnation, and the challenges of living as a Christian under Empire”.

If you think you’d like to delve more deeply into studies about how Christianity developed and grew, then you’d be more than welcome to join us.

“I’ve been a part of the Banyule Theological Hub since 2017 and initially I just thought it would be an opportunity to brush up on some of the finer points of my belief. Instead I found myself drawn deeper into the rich world of theological ponderings and questioning. The opportunity to re-examine my faith in my mid-fifties wasn’t something I had originally considered but I became more and more interested in looking at why I believed what I did.
The opportunity to learn with others and incorporate lessons into our shared worship in the Network has been invaluable. I’ve found the chance to continue incorporating my faith and life has been immeasurably enriched by the teaching offered via the Banyule Hub.”

“Our theology hub at Banyule is a great way to get deeper into matters of faith and big issues alongside significant people in my local church. As a bonus we get to study with top-notch university teachers who always manage to make their topics interesting and accessible but never dumbed-down or prescriptive. Through our hub I have worked through questions that have been bugging me for years, without becoming disconnected from my local faith community. I am also confident that I am learning good quality theology and building discernment skills that will help me follow Jesus in the real world for years to come.”