Theology Hub

The Banyule Network Theology Hub is offering 2 units in 2021: –

Semester 1 2021 Unit

22 February – 28 May 2021

CT2020P/8020P  Jesus, Justice & Discipleship

Who is Jesus, and what does it mean to be a disciple? How important is Christology to Christian theology?

This unit explores such questions beginning with the biblical witnesses to Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Developments of that witness through examining the formulas of the creeds and later theological controversies. Special focus will be placed on feminist insights into biblical and patristic Christology, Christology as resistance to totalitarianism, Asian retrievals of ancient Cosmic Christology, and the relationship between Christology and practices of reconciliation and justice in contemporary Australia.

Semester 2 2021 Unit

26 July – 29 October 2021

BN2050P/9050P  The Gospel According to Luke

From the outset, Luke’s Gospel is framed as a response to many other accounts, but what’s important for the writer of the third gospel when it comes to putting together a new narrative about Jesus?

Taking an in-depth look at Luke in its historical context and in light of literary and cultural traditions of its time, we will explore themes such as inclusion and exclusion, hospitality, wealth, identity, ethnicity, disability, and gender, noting how these intersect with Luke’s theology and purpose. As we engage with all this and more in Luke’s narrative, attention will be given to how Luke’s theology relates to his use of prophecy, account of justice, salvation, and end-time hope, and how this theology speaks to the contemporary church and world.

How to Enrol

Students enrol as an Online Student – and then let the Registrar of Pilgrim College, know that you are part of the Pilgrim Hub in Heidelberg:

You can enrol as an ‘audit’ student – for no academic credit – at a much lower fee- or complete subjects towards a diploma or degree. Fees are on the Pilgrim Website.

Scholarships may be available for full fee-paying UCA members, and there is the possibility of FEE-HELP.

Have a look at the online Course Guide for additional information.

When Do We Study?

We meet for a tutorial from 6.30 – 7.30pm on Thursday evenings at Heidelberg Scots Uniting Church.

Our usual practice is to take turns bringing a shared meal.

The tutorial is followed by the SPACE Community Contemplative Worship at 8pm.

Theology Hub Coordinator – Rev Sandy Brodine