Theology Hub

The Banyule Network Theology Hub is offering an exciting unit in Semester 1 2022 through the University of Divinity: –

CH3010P – Discernment and Authority in Christian Tradition

Unit Outline

21 February – 10 June 2022

This subject explores the nature and processes of discernment in the Christian tradition, and the relationship of discernment to authority in the Christian community. Taking examples of Christian leadership from within and beyond the church, students will develop definitions of authentic leadership and identify strategies for building the capacity of groups and individuals to make good choices (discernment) and the foundations required for their implementation (authority).

Class Times

Online Seminars are held fortnightly on Wednesdays from 6.15 – 7.45pm.

Seminar dates are: 2 March, 16 March, 30 March. 27 April, 11 May and 25 May 2022.


You can enrol as an ‘audit’ student – for no academic credit – at a much lower fee- or complete subjects towards a diploma or degree.

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How to Enrol

Fill out the Enrolment Form and return to Registrar Erlinda Loverseed at, letting her know that you are part of the Pilgrim Hub in Heidelberg.


Contact Theology Hub CoordinatorRev Sandy Brodine

“I’ve been a part of the Banyule Theological Hub since 2017 and initially I just thought it would be an opportunity to brush up on some of the finer points of my belief. Instead I found myself drawn deeper into the rich world of theological ponderings and questioning. The opportunity to re-examine my faith in my mid-fifties wasn’t something I had originally considered but I became more and more interested in looking at why I believed what I did.
 The opportunity to learn with others and incorporate lessons into our shared worship in the Network has been invaluable. I’ve found the chance to continue incorporating my faith and life has been immeasurably enriched by the teaching offered via the Banyule Hub.”

“Our theology hub at Banyule is a great way to get deeper into matters of faith and big issues alongside significant people in my local church. As a bonus we get to study with top-notch university teachers who always manage to make their topics interesting and accessible but never dumbed-down or prescriptive. Through our hub I have worked through questions that have been bugging me for years, without becoming disconnected from my local faith community. I am also confident that I am learning good quality theology and building discernment skills that will help me follow Jesus in the real world for years to come.”