Sycamore Teens

The Sycamore Teens is a youth group associated with the Common Ground Worshipping Community. It’s for high school age students and meets approximately twice a month for a social event and a Bible study. Our home ground is the Sycamore Tree Cafe in Heidelberg.

The Sycamore Teens seeks to create a space where teenagers build connections with one another and the community and can learn to emulate God’s love for us, both within the group and in our lives in the greater world. 

Our Bible study is completed alongside the Common Ground Worshipping Community. We participate in worship at the beginning of the service and then break away into the coffee shop for hot drinks and discussion of the Bible reading before the adults join us after the service concludes.

For our other gatherings, we generally meet in and around the Heidelberg area over weekends, but we try to meet on different days so that everyone can make it. Social events can include things like a mystery murder dinner, go-karting, an information session on getting job-ready and a teen sleepover.

We have anything from 12 – 18 participants but, as long as there are more than 2 people, we usually go ahead.

Sycamore Teens Coordinator: Adelaide