Café of Dangerous Ideas

Café of Dangerous Ideas is designed to do two things: for those of us who are Christians of any persuasion – it’s designed to make us ask how our faith impacts on the modern world. For those of us do not share that faith, it is designed to ask how does your morality impact on the decisions you make about various issues in our world today.

Café of Dangerous Ideas gives you the chance to actively engage your faith and to make connections with others in the community who want to learn and discuss. We welcome you whatever your beliefs and understandings.

We usually meet on the last Friday in the month at the Sycamore Tree Coffee Shop at 185 Burgundy Street Heidelberg from 7.30 – 9.30pm.

Check out the Café of Dangerous Ideas Facebook site for up-to-date information.

So – ask yourself – how does my faith impact on my life and decisions and ask yourself this at your own Cafe of Dangerous Ideas?

DateTopic & SpeakerDescription
Friday 26 February 2021‘Fascism & National Socialism’ with Ryan Buesnal (PhD Candidate in Theology)Ryan will contrast the original form of National Socialism with how Nazi concepts are used today in political rhetoric.
Friday 26 March 2021‘Together Alone’ with Richard Peterson (Architect and Lecturer) Richard wants to imaginatively redesign the ways we live in Banyule so that private property can be shared whilst retaining secluded spaces for contemplation.
Friday 30 April 2021To be determined (stay tuned!)