At our September Zoom Messy Church we heard one of the ‘Lost Sheep’ stories called ‘Echidnas on Everest’, which focuses on a letter from Saint Paul to the community in Colossae. In his letter, Paul talks about how the people can have good relationships with those they are in community with.

This seems pretty appropriate for lockdown, when we’re all stuck together in our homes and can become a bit ‘spiky’ with one another! Friends, brothers/sisters and parents can all annoy one another at times, but we need to stick together to work things out.

We all had fun making our spiky echidnas out of material we had to hand.

Last week, Rev Sandy Brodine held a Facebook Livestream for the Bible Reading Fellowship in the UK (who are the international providers of Messy Church). They had asked Sandy to tell other Messy Church leaders around the world (most still locked down) about the Network’s adventures with Messy Miners.
Sandy got together with Paul Voutier, Jonte, Sophia and Bianca, three of our Messy Church young leaders, and recorded some videos where they explained various elements of Messy Miners.

You can watch the video below.

Video of Livestream

Our Messy Miners kids had a speedy one-hour build challenge – and here’s the version of the Christmas story they created!

Thanks for helping us all hear the Christmas Story, Messy Miners!

The Messy Church Choir have produced two lovely music videos, which will warm your heart and make you smile.

‘When Jesus was Born’

‘Away in a Manger’

At Messy Church on 18 October 2020, we reflected on an episode in Jesus’ life where he healed two women – the young daughter of a man named Jairus and a woman who had been suffering from a dreadful illness for many years.

These lovely stories are very relevant to the difficult times we’re living with – and remind us that God will always take the trouble to hear us and care for us whenever we call on God!

We had a creative activity prayer called ‘Bless the Broken Hearted’ and we all made different kinds of hearts with whatever we had available. Here are some of our crafty prayers.

FINALLY – here is the video of last month’s Messy Miners Noah’s Ark extravaganza!

See how the ‘story build team’ of kids aged 9-18 built the story. See how we prayed in Minecraft. Check out the kids own ‘build challenge’ creations and hear what the kids and grownups had to say about what they enjoyed.

This is a great watch if you’re interested in this exploration at being a Digital Intergenerational Community – co-lead across generations as we work out together how to tell bible stories, pray and have fun together whilst we’re all locked down.

At Messy Church on Sunday 13 September 2020, the Messy Church families reflected on the story of Noah’s Ark.

Here is some of the artwork they created in response.

Children from across the Yarra Yarra Presbytery joined with our Messy Church Children (and a few of our Sycamore Teens) to play Messy Minecraft last Sunday. 

They played through the story of the ‘Wise & the Foolish Builders’, a parable that was painstakingly crafted by some of our children.

Watch this video if you want to get an idea of what all the fuss was about.

After hearing the story of Zacchaeus in the sycamore tree last week, the Messy Church families made their own versions of the story. Here are some of their artistic creations.

At online Messy Church on 26 July 2020, participants were asked to make food representations of people in their lives they wanted to thank God for – and then share them with each other.
There was lots of creativity in the kinds of things people used to create their messy faces.
You may (or may not) be able to recognise who they represent!

(Pictures at top are Lisa & Bianca Thompson)