hope springs Mental Health Program

Recently, some hope springs staff and volunteers came together to prepare beautiful care packages for hope springs participants who have been struggling with lockdown.

Sixty care packages were prepared, which included a greeting card, a poem on a painting (written and painted by one of our volunteers), biscuits from church volunteer bakers, a lovely cake of soap, a coffee sachet, a can of soft drink, a chocolate and a fresh mango. Some participants also received a handmade boomerang bag, very kindly donated by Watsonia Neighbourhood House.

The care packages were distributed by hope springs staff, Jon Rumble and JJ, in mid-October and they have already received many appreciative messages from recipients.

Recently, some diligent hope springs staff and volunteers came together to prepare beautiful Christmas care packages, which included home-made biscuits and other goodies.
They were distributed to appreciative hope springs participants.
Thank you to all who assisted.

The hope springs Community want pays tribute to long-time member, Des Patterson, who died recently.

Des was known as the ‘gentle giant’ and was remembered with love and affection at a special Memorial & Thanksgiving Celebration via Zoom on Tuesday 8 September 2020, which was attended by members of the different communities around Banyule to which he belonged. 


His funeral was held on Friday 4 September 2020 and can be viewed here.

Thank you Tammy for running our online Mindfulness Session via Zoom today!

Some happy snaps from our vibrant (and very noisy) Zoom Art Therapy and Music Therapy sessions.

The hope springs Music Therapy Group (which usually meets on a Monday afternoon at Heidelberg Heights) gave online music a try this week.

It was great to see Kate, Julianna, Hamish, Joseph, Jeff, Simon…plus other Chippendale Lodge folks…wandering in and out at our first rough-as-guts crack at a Zoom Music Group.

It all worked pretty well, in spite of some random technical issues, and we all had a blast. Thanks to Deb and JJ for helping out.

The hope springs community weren’t going to let a pandemic stop them enjoying their regular Monday Art Therapy sessions and so decided to have an online Art Therapy class using Zoom instead.

Art Therapy student, Debra, led the group – consisting of Isha, Hamish, Joseph and Rebecca (from Arnica Lodge) and Jeff, Simon, Lindsay, Sammy, Brett and others (from Chippendale Lodge). hope springs Coordinators, Jon, and JJ, tried their best too!

Some great artwork was produced and, more importantly, some great fellowship was enjoyed.